I am a contemporary photographer and visual artist based in Paris, France.  

After studying film at university, I earned a Master's degree in photography at Speos Paris Photographic Institute.  

My fine art work centers around contemporary themes of identity, transformation and abstract thought of the world around us.  My approach to imagery is to disrupt the notion of what photography is and show it for what it can be.

Over the years I have worked with several up-and-coming and established fashion houses and publications.  I have also been asked to co-curate art shows in Paris, London and Shanghai.  When I am not preparing a show or making art, I am always on the lookout for possibilities to collaborate.


Massive Attack

I'm always listening to their music when I'm working. Older albums, newer songs, they are the soundtrack to my work.

Cy Twombly

How can I describe the influence of Cy Twombly on my work?  Difficult, however, his work has taught me the beauty in showing things in the figurative sense as opposed to the more conventional, literal ways of representation.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon has always been a strong source of inspiration for me as an artist.  I have an immense appreciation for the beauty in his transfigurations and his distortion of the human form.  

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